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My humble beginnings

I have always loved making things. When I was young I made candles in our basement. I had candle molds, wax i bought at our local grocery store. It came in a 1 lb. box with about 4 slices of wax. Pretty sure people used it to seal their jars when they canned. I was just always making something.

When I stared having kids that did not stop me from making things. My dad helped me cut wood, and put things together. He had more tools than I. But I finally got my first scroll saw. I had it in my parents basement. My dad and I made a number of items. I made a lot of Chirstmas ornaments we cut from wood and then I would paint them. I also did a lot of sewing.

I did a few craft shows back in the day. My girls loved making things right along side of me. My oldest daughter stuck with it. she actually went to college for art and photography. fast forward to 2014 and my crafting journey really begins.

My daughter and I started a little craft business and called it Crafty Saturday. I have a blog on Blogger that I would like to get transfered here but that may take a bit. If you want to see how we started please go to

We have a lot of little crafty projects we have done over the years and a big project I did in our over 100 year old house. I may post a few of my entries from that blog in the future.


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